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Digital Therapy Management and Patient Support Services

Deliver personalized therapy management and patient support services, specific to each patient’s condition and circumstances that improves patient engagement, self-management and drives better patient outcomes.

How We Do It

1. Analyze

Understand and define what support services are right for your product’s Digital Therapy Management solution


  • Behavioral analysis, mapping and solution ideation
  • Stakeholder engagement and value analysis
  • Solution definition, assessment and GTM strategy

How We Do It

2. Tailor

Tailor our regulatory secure, cloud-based SaaS platform for the delivery of patient support services across therapies, and multiple territories


  • Configuration of required features, services and support
  • Creation and integration of new services specific to product and patient population
  • Localization to affiliate country and regulatory requirements
icon Diabetes
icon Rheumatology
icon Respiratory
icon Cardiovascular
icon Neurology

How We Do It

3. Operate

Multi-market roll out, operation and ongoing support to deliver real-world evidence, insight and improvement in healthcare outcomes.


  • Local affiliate engagement and Business Approval
  • Market Launch, service enrolment and adoption
  • Integrated Support Infrastructure and service operation
  • Data capture, evidence generation, insights and service optimization

Addressing pharma brand challenges across the product life cycle from pre-launch to LoE

  • Launch differentiated digitally enabled services that support patients to achieve the best outcomes


  • Deliver a consistent but personalized patient and clinician experience that can scale across geographically diverse markets


  • Improve patient engagement and enable effective patient self-management


  • Address long standing adherence challenges using evidenced based behavioral interventions


  • Generate real-world evidence to support access, pricing and reimbursement.

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