Expanding the value of medical devices in a digital world: Connectivity to continuity of care

The rise of value-based care, the shift from acute to chronic diseases, increased life expectancy, and the transition of treatments from hospital to home are long-term drivers of more agile and personalized healthcare; as a result, a digitized, connected, and consumer-like model is emerging.

Medical device vendors cannot quickly react in this new environment, since many therapeutic functions are delivered by fixed electromechanical devices that require long design cycles and tight quality assurance processes.

In this whitepaper, experts from S3 Connected Health, Johnson & Johnson, Inspire Medical Systems, and Novo Nordisk cover five key steps for expanding the role of medical devices in a digital world, including:

  • Investing in software that keeps devices relevant
  • Adding connectivity to medical devices
  • Capturing data and using it well
  • Adding clinical solutions around medical devices
  • Preparing for the extension of care from hospital to home

Vendors that sufficiently cover all five areas will equip themselves to stay relevant, adaptable, and competitive, generating value across the entire device lifecycle for the foreseeable future.

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