Digital health solutions to unlock the full value of wearable, implantable, and personal medical devices

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Implantable or wearable device
iImplantable or wearable device

- Device-based treatment or monitoring

Improve patient experience
Companion patient solution
iCompanion patient solution

- Device status and control

- Educational content

- Treatment recommendations

- Event tracking

Enable condition management
Remote condition management
iRemote condition management

- Connection with care team

- Patient empowerment and behavior change

- Therapy monitoring and adherence management

- Clinical decision support

- Insights for device and therapy improvement

Enable holistic care delivery
Integrated eco-system of care
iIntegrated eco-system of care

- Interventions embedded in patient's lifestyle along entire patient journey

- Focus on outcomes, quality of life, and total cost of care

- Integration of healthcare information (EHR, pharmacies, labs, payers, knowledge bases)

- Insights to improve clinical protocols and population health

Breakthrough therapeutic or monitoring devices are often well equipped to secure Approval from regulatory bodies based on the evidence and outcomes achieved in clinical trials. But that is only the first of the 'three A's' they need to be successful in having a positive impact on healthcare outcomes and patients' lives. The other two are 'Access' and 'Adoption'.  

Digital health supports all aspects that are critical for securing market access and adoption of new therapies amongst users: from improving onboarding and usability, managing adherence, and empowering patients, to enabling remote therapy management, generating real-world evidence, and providing post-market surveillance. 

Piotr Sokolowski S3 Connected Health
Piotr Sokolowski
Chief Medtech Strategist
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