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Wyss Center’s Epios™ Cloud for monitoring and management of neuro-disorders


Wyss Center’s spin-off Epios™ is a minimally invasive, long-term brain monitoring and therapeutics platform for personalized management of neuro-disorders such as epilepsy.

Designed for use in everyday life, the system uses electrodes inserted under the skin to give continuous insight into the state of the brain before, during, and after events such as seizures.

A discrete wearable device temporarily stores the data received from the electrodes and uploads it to the Epios™ Cloud, where it’s processed and displayed to clinicians and scientists via an online portal.

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Long-term brain monitoring in everyday life requires big data capabilities

Wyss Center designed and S3 Connected Health developed the medical-grade Epios™ Cloud solution to provide remote data storage, visualization, and annotation functionalities, while enabling development of novel analytics to help forecast seizures.

Recording from multiple areas of the brain over time results in extremely large amounts of data. To facilitate brain monitoring in daily life, a cloud environment that could process upwards of 5GB of data per patient per day in real time was required; an unprecedented amount of long-EEG-data.

The new Epios™ Cloud is ready to be CE-marked and is now available for pilot usage parties; the software can accommodate other devices or neural data-series


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