Hospital-at-Home solutions for connected medical equipment to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiencies

Equipment providing treatment


Digital health solution development


Connected medical equipment that enable digital health solutions to improve outcomes for patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers

Connectivity, Digital Health Infrastructure and services
Device efficiencies
iDevice efficiencies

- Preventative maintenance
- Remote case support
- Remote software upgrade
- Post-launch surveillance

Clinical efficiencies
iClinical efficiencies

- Device integration with EHR
- Device utilization tracking
- Tracking and validating therapy components (prescription, drugs, consumables, etc.)

Patient safety and outcomes
iPatient safety and outcomes

- Unified, integrated user-interfaces
- Patient screening and assessment (risk stratification)
- Real-time clinical decision support

“The future of healthcare will hinge on targeted improvement through data insights.

Using digital health solutions built around connected medical equipment, we can collect data and generate insights that will not only optimize device operation and clinical efficiencies, but enable care delivery outside of traditional clinic settings, and in doing so enhance care delivery and patient and clinician experience overall.”

Bill Betten
Bill Betten
Director of Solutions - Medtech
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