Cochlear Nucleus® CR120/220 Intraoperative Remote Assistant

The Cochlear Nucleus® CR120/220 Intraoperative Remote Assistant is a wireless hand-held device used to perform fast diagnostics on the cochlear implant and measure neural responses to create a hearing profile.

This innovative tool has brought wireless technology to the operating suite for cochlear implantation, eliminating the need to physically connect the hearing devices to a PC during the implantation procedure.



Our team took the device from concept to the second generation

S3 Connected Health developed the CR120, providing a complete design cycle for firmware, from early concepts to final verification of the device, and technical support during first human use and clinical trials.

Our team provided complete life cycle management, including support and maintenance; they completed firmware updates for the second generation CR220 device, porting the functionality to a new platform.


The Cochlear Nucleus® CR120/220 Intraoperative Remote Assistant provides auditory nerve responses at the press of a button, wirelessly, in minutes.

The device is small enough to fit in a pocket and can be used by any professional in the operating theatre to perform intraoperative test measurements, wirelessly and without a PC.


Patients can hear sooner

Using the wireless CR120/220, surgeons can be confident that the cochlear implantation procedure is a success within minutes.

Hearing implants can now be activated in the operating room, as opposed to a month later when using the previous method.

This radical change to how the cochlear implant is switched on means that many patients can hear the morning after their surgery.


Time in the operating room has been reduced

Research has shown that if measurements are conducted by someone already in the operating theatre, the measurement time is reduced by 95.5% with the CR220.

As a result, expert clinicians can now spend more time with patients who need them most.

Images courtesy of Cochlear Americas and 'We hear you' brochure D1263208 ISS3 JAN18.

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