What are DTx?

Digital therapeutics provide new software driven therapeutic interventions for the treatment, management, or prevention of a disease or disorder.

Key Attributes
Benefits for Pharma
Benefits for Patients
Benefits for Clinicians
Key Attributes

Key Attributes

  • Combine with a treatment, augment a treatment, or prescribed as standalone treatment
  • Require clinical evidence or ongoing evidence generation to support product claims
  • May be reimbursed separately depending on region
  • Require regulatory approval or oversight on efficacy and safety claims
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Benefits for Pharma

Benefits for Pharma

  • Place pharma companies at the forefront of innovation in a new therapeutic category
  • Generate new revenue streams or business models by extending existing portfolio or entering new therapy areas
  • Improve confidence of patients and healthcare professionals with clinical evidence and regulatory approval

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Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Patients

  • Access new treatment option or additional treatment support to improve outcomes
  • Receive personalized treatment experience due to ongoing data insights
  • Increase confidence in safety and security with regulatory oversight and reimbursement
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Benefits for Clinicians

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Improve outcomes with new treatment options and additional support
  • Provide and receive oversight and information on treatment progress with data insights
  • Support treatment decisions with robust clinical evidence
  • Prescribe DTx in regions with regulatory approval and reimbursement options

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“To create a successful DTx you need to think about its lifecycle from value proposition, product strategy, and ideation right through to evidence generation, commercialization and operation. We provide our pharma clients with end to end support and expertise across all phases of this journey.

Our SaMD and regulatory experts, UX and UI designers, clinicians, and behavioral scientists work to understand patient and clinician needs and deliver evidence-backed solutions that meet pharma’s business goals and commercial strategies”

John Mulcahy S3 Connected Health
John Mulcahy
VP Product Management
S3 Connected Health
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We take our pharma customers from needs analysis and solution definition through to creation, launch, and operation of digital health solutions.

See our full end-to-end process, which includes solution validation, regulatory and reimbursement strategy, pathway definition, and submission.

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