What are digital companions?

Digital companions are solutions that include digital applications and portals that work alongside medication to improve patient engagement and adherence to treatment

Key Attributes
Benefits for Pharma
Benefits for Patients
Benefits for Clinicians
Key Attributes

Key Attributes

  • Work in conjunction with a pharmaceutical therapy
  • Provide portals, tools, and information to help support and manage therapy
  • Integrate, compliment, or work independent of existing patient support programs
  • Use data to personalize support and engagement, providing a unique patient experience
  • Capture real-world data on treatment
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Benefits for Pharma

Benefits for Pharma

  • Improve competitive positioning of treatment and differentiate offering
  • Increase patient engagement and adherence by providing a better therapy experience
  • Offer clinicians oversight of treatment progress
  • Provide improved, more consistent, and cost-efficient support for patients on treatment
  • Capture real-world data for treatment access and reimbursement
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Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Patients

  • Receive information and support via apps and portals to control management of treatment
  • Improve treatment experience that meets patient expectations, providing digital solutions that fit with lifestyle
  • Personalize support specific to individual circumstance and experience
  • Monitor and track progress of treatment
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Benefits for Clinicians

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Improve likelihood of successful treatment outcomes with additional information and support
  • Provide oversight and monitoring of patient treatment progress to support clinical decisions
  • Receive data to support access and continued reimbursement for patients on treatment
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“Our multi-disciplinary experts engage with client teams early to analyze the treatment journey and determine the unmet needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

By fully understanding all stakeholders, we define and create digital companions that will fulfil pharma's needs and gain adoption by users”

Matt Norton
VP Marketing & Commercial Development
S3 Connected Health
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We take our pharma customers from needs analysis and solution definition through to creation, launch, and operation of digital companions.

See our full end-to-end process, which includes solution integration with patients support programs, data management, hosting, scaling deployment, and localization.

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