PDA Medical Devices and Connected Health Conference 2024

PDA Medical Devices and Connected Care Conference - 4-5 June 2024

Speaking "Show Me the Money – Commercialization, Business Models and Case Studies", Tuesday, 4th June, 2024
John Mulcahy, VP Product Management
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John Mulcahy will be speaking at this year's PDA Medical Devices and Connected Health Conference in Antwerp.

A commercialization strategy that delivers a return on investment is critical for any connected health initiative. This presentation describes the key commercialization use-cases, and how these are different across major markets. It shares our analysis of best practices on how to design digital health to support different business models tailored to the needs of different markets within a single connected health solution. Case studies are presented of successful and unsuccessful commercialization strategies and key learnings from these.

Contact us to meet during the conference and discuss how we can help develop and operate connected devices and operate digital health services.

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HLTH Europe 2024

HLTH Europe - 17-20 June 2024


John Mulcahy, VP Product, S3 Connected Health: "Opportunities - and realities - of developing a multi-market DHT evidence and commercial approach in Europe" on Monday, 17th June - 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

John O'Brien, Executive Chairman
Matt Norton, VP of Marketing and Commercial Development
John Mulcahy, VP Product
Raymond Crosbie, Business Development Director
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S3 Connected Health is delighted to sponsor and speak at the inaugural HLTH Europe 2024 conference that will unite the entire European ecosystem to accelerate innovation in the healthcare industry.

Contact us to meet during the conference and learn more about how we partner with pharma and medtech to create digital health solutions, digital therapeutics, and connected medical devices that capture real-world data and create insights to improve operational efficiency, clinical effectiveness, and patient outcomes.

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