Webinar - Hospital-At-Home: Medical Devices Providing Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere

Webinar - Hospital-At-Home: Medical Devices Providing Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere


Tuesday, 23rd August at 4PM EST


Tom Salemi, Editorial Director, DeviceTalks

Bill Betten, Director of Solutions - Medtech, S3 Connected Health
Aghogho Ekpruke, Director of Innovation, Becton Dickinson (BD)

The future for many medical devices is moving outside of the hospital.
Patients are being given power to deliver life-saving treatments beyond traditional clinical settings, so medical devices increasingly need to function safely and securely at home and in daily life.

The “hospital-at-home” trend began with simple devices to take treatment out of hospitals, but now includes everything from dialysis to EEG monitoring. It brings new opportunities for innovative medical device makers who can rise to the challenge and create intuitive interfaces, secure connections, and protect against outside threats.

In this discussion, medical device professionals with decades of experience in connected health will share their best practices for meeting this rising demand. They will cover:

  • Solutions required for medical devices to deliver treatment outside a clinical setting.
  • Key steps device makers must take when developing new devices and their accompanying digital solutions.
  • Novel features common to ‘hospital-at-home’ solutions.
  • Overlooked challenges facing medical device vendors designing these products.
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Software Design for Medical Devices 2022

Software Design for Medical Devices - 13-15 September 2022

John Mulcahy, VP Product Management

John Mulcahy, VP of Product Management at S3 Connected Health will be taking part in the keynote panel "Evaluating the rapid growth and development of the medical devices industry" at the upcoming Software Design for Medical Devices conference.

The session will consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated interest in the opportunities that digital health technologies and Medical Device Software offers and how this is being reflected in the industry

Contact us to meet during the conference and discuss how we can help develop and operate connected devices and services

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