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Webinar - How can medtech win the connectivity race, and what happens next?

Webinar - How can medtechs win the connectivity race, and what happens next?


Tuesday, 21st July at 4PM EDT


Tom Salemi, Editorial Director, DeviceTalks

Bill Betten, Director of Solutions - Medtech, S3 Connected Health
David Knapp, VP of R&D, Boston Scientific

The Covid-19 pandemic fueled the slow-burning desires to build medical devices that can connect patients and providers. Going forward, new medical device technologies will need to demonstrate a well-conceived, fool-proof system that ensures medical care can’t be impeded by any future disruptions.

Now is the time for forward-thinking device firms to expand their offering and invest in services that support these groundbreaking new technologies.

Bill Betten of S3 Connected Health will lead a discussion about this next crucial next step for medtech. Panellists will talk through some industry examples of companies who have already seen the benefits of a shift in mindset to become both device and service providers.

In the end, medical device makers that incorporate connected technologies into their products will be able to help payers and providers to see value and efficacy in their products.

But the long-term success will come to those companies that build services around those devices to change how healthcare is delivered, and to improve patient and clinical outcomes.

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Digital Health for Pharma: Core Challenges for Successful Program Delivery

Webinar - Digital Health for Pharma: Core Challenges for Successful Program Delivery


Wednesday, 22nd July at 2PM CET


Dario Safaric, Chairman, Next Pharma Summit

Jim O'Donoghue, President, S3 Connected Health
Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall
Shwen Gwee, VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb

Pharma’s approach to digital health is maturing fast and the role of the chief digital officer is more relevant now than ever. New strategic digital health programs have great potential for driving treatment improvements but there are challenges to overcome in the process.

The webinar will cover:
  • The type of digital health programs and the responsibilities of those leading their development in Pharma
  • Engaging with internal and external stakeholders for the best outcomes
  • Overcoming barriers to success: key issues to address early in the process
  • Structuring programs for successful delivery: emerging models and approaches
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