What are digital health solutions for chronic disease management and how can they help?

Digital health solutions provide support beyond treatment itself for people with chronic diseases. The digital applications and clinical portals that make up these solutions help patients address the full range of challenges they face managing their diseases and daily lives.

Key Attributes
Benefits for Pharma
Benefits for Patients
Benefits for Clinicians
Key Attributes

Key Attributes

  • Provide holistic support and combine multiple treatment modalities for the overall management of a disease or condition
  • Include tools for the management of patient health, co-ordination of care, treatment, and lifestyle support
  • Integrate and connect all stakeholders in the management of patient and disease across the treatment journey
  • Provide real-world data on longitudinal disease monitoring
  • Often require regulatory approval or classification
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Benefits for Pharma

Benefits for Pharma

  • Lead the industry by holistically tacking a disease category
  • Provide support beyond the treatment regime to address the full range of patient challenges
  • Enable coordination of care across multi-disciplinary care teams
  • Engage key opinion leaders by capturing standardized, real-world data across regions to further research and insight on disease trajectory
  • Contribute to new business models and revenue streams

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Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Patients

  • Achieve better outcomes due to holistic support of disease management across multiple treatment modalities
  • Receive consistent care delivery, with a unified care coordination across different care teams
  • Stay up to date on treatment progress with regular and timely information
  • Gain control over their disease journey
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Benefits for Clinicians

Benefits for Clinicians

  • Centralize management of patient's disease across multiple treatment modalities and care teams with one solution
  • Enable provision of necessary supports for patient on the overall management of their disease or condition
  • Receive longitudinal disease monitoring and prognosis support to enable better clinical decision making
  • Facilitate access and reimbursement with regulatory approved solutions
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“The most impactful digital health solutions for chronic disease management are those that focus on improving outcomes and quality of life for patients; these are often classified as software as a medical device (SaMD).

While SaMD solutions come with a larger development and regulatory burden, our teams have the expertise needed to take clients through this process seamlessly, reducing the strain on the internal teams and resources within pharma organizations.”

Raymond-Crosbie S3 Connected Health
Raymond Crosbie
Business Development Director
S3 Connected Health
Case Study
Creating a holistic chronic disease management platform for auto-immune diseases

Read how S3 Connected Health worked with a leading pharma company and global KOLs to create a holistic chronic disease management platform. The platform was created to drastically improve patient engagement through home management, improve clinical efficiency, and monitoring of patient outcomes.

The patient-centric solution included a cloud platform, portal, and patient app that supported patient education, symptom tracking, passively tracking adherence, device data collection and modelling, and patient engagement support through a behavioral model.

Clinicians benefitted from an engaged patient, support for virtual appointments, streamlined tools for creating patient care plans, and a patient dashboard that provides a comprehensive view for disease management.

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We take our pharma customers from needs analysis and solution definition through to creation, launch, and operation of digital health solutions.

See our full end-to-end process, which includes solution validation, regulatory and reimbursement strategy, pathway definition, and submission.

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