Digital health solutions and SaMD: key learnings for successful development and launch
Matt Norton, VP of Marketing & Commercial Development, spoke about ‘Digital health solutions and SaMD: key learnings for successful..
Beyond connectivity: medical devices in healthcare’s future

Bill Betten, Director of Solutions - Medtech at S3 Connected Health, speaks to Michael Hill, retired VP of Corporate Science,..

The business case for end-to-end cybersecurity

Connectivity is now a prerequisite for in-hospital medical devices, and the benefits that come with that are significant; but there..

Remote connectivity for in-hospital capital equipment

Connectivity is becoming an essential feature for in-hospital equipment, and that’s set to have real-world consequences for how..

Affinial: Digital Patient Support

We integrate evidence-based behavioral science and real-time data analytics to deliver Digital Therapy Management and Patient..

Changing Behavior is at the Heart of Healthcare

Sean Gill, Senior Behavioral Scientist at S3 Connected Health explains that Pharma can help to improve health outcomes in a..

Thinking behaviorally about medication adherence

Sean Gill talks about how using implementation intentions to overcome intention-action gaps is one of the methods used to tackle..

Patient Health Engagement is key to patient centered solutions

Understanding the Patient Health Engagement process can help Pharma to offer the right support to patients at all stages in their..

Dynamic Nature of Patient Health Engagement

Low levels of engagement is an issue for Pharma with 25% to 40% of patients being in this category. Sean Gill, Senior Behavioral..

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