Frontiers Health 2020: What lies ahead for the digital health industry?
Blog November 19, 2020 Peter Myler

Just like that, Frontiers Health 2020 is over.

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Everything you need for Frontiers Health 2020
Blog November 10, 2020 Peter Myler

There's just days to go until Frontiers Health 2020. If you’re anything like the team here at S3 Connected Health, you’ll have been...

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MDR Rule 11: What the change means for medical device companies
Blog October 21, 2020 Padraig Maguire

Though the new European Union Medical Device Regulation (MDR) is set to fully apply from May 2021, there’s still uncertainty around...

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The future of connected devices and digital health: an interview with Mark Wehde, Chair, Mayo Clinic Engineering
Blog October 15, 2020 Bill Betten

Bill Betten, Director of Solutions at S3 Connected Health

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Digital therapeutics in the UK
Blog September 21, 2020 Peter Myler

The United Kingdom is an attractive market for any digital therapeutics (DTx) or digital health company. The UK National Health...

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How behavioral science is instrumental to building the right solutions for patients
Blog September 16, 2020 Peter Myler

At S3 Connected Health, we’re lucky to have some of the brightest minds in the business. Their vast range of expertise allows us to...

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Creating flexible digital solutions to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide
Blog September 15, 2020 Peter Myler

The medical world is undergoing a digital revolution. The global digital health sector saw its best first quarter since analysts began...

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Why digital health partnerships are the best way for pharma to remain competitive
Blog September 14, 2020 Jim O'Donoghue

Pharma companies are under constant pressure to innovate and stay competitive, whether that’s in drug discovery, business strategy, or...

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Whitepaper release: Pharma’s path to market for digital health solutions: navigating the commercial, data, and regulatory challenges
Blog September 8, 2020 Peter Myler

Pharma’s approach to digital health is maturing fast. Companies are now investing more in digital health solutions designed to deliver...

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Why data is the lifeblood of pharma – and how it’s changing the industry
Blog September 7, 2020 Matt Norton

Pharma companies have long been using data, whether it’s to accelerate drug discovery and development, or improve clinical trials.

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The new normal for medtech is overdue – but it has less to do with COVID-19 than you might think
Blog August 24, 2020 Peter Myler

The COVID-19 pandemic brought much-needed change to healthcare delivery practically overnight, as the increased risks from hospital...

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The right digital health solution is not always the simplest
Blog August 20, 2020 Brian Flatley

Whether it’s teething problems in the past with systems like electronic health records, or confusion around the myriad of different...

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How the COVID-19 crisis is highlighting the importance of digital health solutions
Blog July 28, 2020 Peter Myler

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic digital health solutions have been proving vital to keep our healthcare systems...

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Creating Enodatis, a clinical support tool in just ten days – and what you can learn from the experience
Blog July 17, 2020 John Maughan

It all started with a call for help at 10pm on a Saturday night. The COVID-19 pandemic was beginning to spread rapidly in Ireland and...

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Ensuring longevity for digital health solutions means getting past v 1.0
Blog July 14, 2020 Brian Flatley

The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing immense innovation – with the ABPI estimating annual investment will reach $181 billion by...

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Unlocking Medtech’s Future Potential with Connected Devices and Services
Blog June 9, 2020 Peter Myler

With the global market for connected medical devices expected to grow from $55.5 billion in 2019 to $188 billion by 2024, medtech...

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The importance of investing in connected health services
Blog May 28, 2020 Piotr Sokolowski

Therapy improvement services are an essential first step towards driving efficiency in healthcare. They optimize existing clinical...

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How connected medical devices are improving patient therapy
Blog May 26, 2020 Piotr Sokolowski

Digital technologies have been transforming medical care for years, but external pressures – not least the health and cost...

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The case for adding connectivity to existing medical devices
Blog May 19, 2020 Piotr Sokolowski

Many medtech companies mandate that all new medical devices must be equipped with connectivity but how can pre-existing devices and...

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A charitable donation now means more than ever
Blog May 15, 2020 Peter Myler

Since the spread of COVID-19, all our lives have changed. Economies have paused as the world waits to return to the 'new normal'.

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New clinical support tool helps Irish hospitals optimize and scale acute respiratory care for COVID-19 patients
News May 7, 2020 Simona Nucera

Edited: 24/09/2020 New web-based application helps support healthcare professionals with triage, monitoring, and treatment of patients...

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John O’Brien appointed as Chair of Irish Medtech Association
News, Blog April 16, 2020 Peter Myler

John O’Brien, CEO of S3 Connected Health, has been announced as the new chair of The Irish Medtech Association (IMA), the Ibec group...

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3 ways remote research delivers stronger digital health insight
Blog April 7, 2020 Sinéad NíMhurchadha

What happens when your sole method of qualitative research is taken away from you? Traditionally conducted face-to-face, qualitative...

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Enhancing operational efficiency with connected medical devices
Blog April 6, 2020 Piotr Sokolowski

The connected medical device market is expected to reach $188 billion by 2024, with 50 billion medical devices connecting clinicians,...

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Overcoming the adoption challenge: creating a digital solution patients and HCPs will use
Blog April 2, 2020 Peter Myler

Digital health solutions and digital therapeutics are rapidly becoming a vital component of the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to...

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Digital health adoption: what does digital health mean for doctors and how should we engage with them?
Blog March 16, 2020 James Kennedy

The benefits of a well-executed, digitized health service are numerous: improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs, and...

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Using radio technology for in-hospital medical device connectivity
Blog February 24, 2020 John O'Gorman

According to Gartner, 5G and high-functioning networks will accelerate mobile capabilities in healthcare and help connect more than 90...

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Digital Therapeutics in 2020
Blog January 20, 2020 Peter Myler

As this year’s crop of ‘2020 trends for pharma’ articles flood our inboxes, it seems that digital therapeutics (DTx) is popping up...

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Designing digital health solutions that drive adoption
Blog January 2, 2020 Peter Myler

‘If any digital health solution is to have an impact, adoption by its intended end users is critical. Securing adoption might sound...

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Top Tips for Frontiers Health Berlin 2019
Blog October 31, 2019 Peter Myler

Frontiers Health Berlin 2019 is just two weeks away. It’s a conference that never disappoints and we here at S3 Connected Health...

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Value-Based Care | Future Proofing Healthcare | Sustainable Index
Blog October 7, 2019 Peter Myler

We are in the midst of a seismic shift in healthcare. The need to drive down costs, coupled with new ways of using data and technology...

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Epilepsy | RCSI | Future Neuro Partner With S3 Connected Health
News October 4, 2019 Peter Myler

S3 Connected Health and FutureNeuro, the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Center for chronic and rare neurological diseases...

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Is medical device data being used to its full potential?
Blog October 1, 2019 Peter Myler

Medtech companies must consider what type of medical device connectivity is best for them and how to manage medical device data, or...

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S3 Connected Health Expands in US to Service Growing Client Base
News June 5, 2019 William Lyons

Dublin, 5th June 2019— On back of the company’s strong growth, S3 Connected Health, a leading firm providing digital therapy...

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Can pharma survive as data-driven therapy takes centre stage?
Blog May 16, 2019 Jim O'Donoghue

Article published by Jim O’Donoghue, President of S3 Connected Health on PharmaTimes on 8 May 2019.

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Pharma must put patients at the centre of the shift to value-based care
Blog April 16, 2019 Jim O'Donoghue

Article published by Jim O’Donoghue, President of S3 Connected Health on PharmaPhorum on 1 April 2019.

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Rare Disease Day 2019
Blog March 1, 2019 Matt Norton

Article published by Matt Norton, Director of Strategy and Client Solutions, S3 Connected Health on PMLive on 28 February 2019.

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New Medtech Chair to prioritise startups & connected health
News February 26, 2019 Doris Szentkovics

New Medtech Chair to prioritise startups & connected health

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Cancer is personal. Its treatment should be too.
Blog February 1, 2019 Doris Szentkovics

Patients on tailored digital symptom monitoring programs more likely to stay well for longer. Live long enough, and you will know...

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Rethinking adherence programmes
Blog January 29, 2019 Sean Gill

Article published by Sean Gill, Principal Behavioral Scientist, S3 Connected Health on PharmaPhorum on 22 January 2019.

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Digital Therapeutics will transform Pharma and healthcare industries in 2019. Here’s how.
Blog January 16, 2019 Jim O'Donoghue

Article published by Jim O’Donoghue, President, S3 Connected Health on PharmaTimes on 2 January 2019.

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Value Based Care Predicted as Macro Driver for 2019 Trends
Blog January 15, 2019 Jim O'Donoghue

Article published by Jim O’Donoghue, President, S3 Connected Health on PharmExec on 9 January 2019.

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Using Technology to Bridge the Gap Between Intention and Behavior
Blog January 9, 2019 Simona Nucera

Article published by Mary Caffrey on AJMC on 24 December 2018

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World AIDS Day: What more can be done to change behavior in the fight against HIV?
Blog November 30, 2018 Doris Szentkovics

We have come a long way since World AIDS day was introduced in 1988, largely as a day of remembrance for the many people who were...

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World Diabetes Day: A Deeper Look at Dealing with Diagnosis and Management of the Condition
Blog November 14, 2018 Simona Nucera

To a clinician, health care provider or even a care giver the appropriate response and actions needed in response to a Type II...

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S3 Connected Health Joins the Digital Therapeutics Alliance
News October 16, 2018 William Lyons

16 October 2018

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Partnership Is Key To Better Patient Programs
Blog October 15, 2018 Jim O'Donoghue

Published on Eyeforpharma Social on 15th October 2018

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