S3 Connected Health joins DiMe's team of digital health experts in their new project 'International Regulatory Pathways’

September 19, 2023 Lieneke Hodnett

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S3 Connected Health joins DiMe's team of digital health experts in their new project 'International Regulatory Pathways’

DUBLIN 19th September 2023 - Building on the success of the Digital Health US Regulatory Pathways, DiMe has assembled a global team of digital health experts, including S3 Connected Health, to support digital health product developers in pursuing and optimizing their regulatory, evidence generation, and business strategies across multiple global markets and regulatory regions.

Their new project ‘International Regulatory Pathways’ will combine the expertise and experience of the project team, with current global digital health product regulations, regulatory science, and industry pathways, to support life science companies looking to achieve accelerated access through multi-market evidence plans for digital health initiatives.

S3 Connected Health is strategically placed to bring its 20+ years of experience in both the development and the commercialization of a wide range of digital health solutions and digital therapeutics to the project. S3 Connected Health, as part of this project, aims to help guide digital health manufacturers in navigating complex international regulations to ensure compliance and success on a global scale.

"We're excited to partner with experts like S3 Connected Health as we bring together a global project team of diverse backgrounds and perspectives to dive into DHT clinical evidence requirements within and across critical global markets. A good business strategy should include a good global regulatory strategy. The International Regulatory Pathways project team will develop the resources and guidance needed for companies to build a global strategy that benefits from streamlined clinical studies, expanded market reach, and ultimately, scalable patient impact.”  - Megan Coder, DiMe's Vice President for Product and Policy

The work of this project will be split into two streams. The first will consist of collating the different product types, regulatory pathways, and evidentiary requirements in key global markets with the goal of making this information readily available in one place. The second stream will consider the different digital product types, regulatory pathways, and evidentiary requirements across the US and in-scope markets to develop global regulatory pathways map for all in-scope markets, which will initially include selected European and Asia-Pacific countries, and the US.

 “We are delighted to collaborate with an esteemed team of experts on the International Regulatory Pathways project. This type of collaborative project will serve as an invaluable resource for the digital health community as they look to scale products across markets.” - Brian Flatley, VP of Consulting Services at S3 Connected Health

About S3 Connected Health

S3 Connected Health is the specialist digital health partner for life science companies, developing regulated digital health solutions that improve the lives of people with acute and chronic conditions. It has delivered award-winning, regulatory-compliant solutions across 20 therapy areas and in more than 50 countries. The company's scalable and secure solutions improve disease management, differentiate pharmaceutical products and deliver new therapeutic approaches. Affinial, S3 Connected Health's digital health platform, offers partners the opportunity to develop customized digital health solutions tailored to specific patient, device or disease needs. The platform’s pre-built services can be customized and implemented with reduced costs and shorter time-to-market.


About the Digital Medicine Society:

DiMe is a global non-profit and the professional home for all members of the digital medicine community. Together, we tackle the toughest digital medicine challenges, develop clinical-quality resources on a technology timeline, and deliver these actionable resources to the field via open-source channels and educational programs. Join us to advance the ethical, effective, equitable, and safe use of digital medicine to redefine healthcare and improve lives.


For further information, please contact:

Grainne O'Reilly,

Senior Marketing Manager

S3 Connected Health