How Pharma is Remapping the Route to Smarter Digital Health Development to Enable Better Patient Selfcare
June 4, 2024 Lieneke Hodnett

This article is based on our recentImpatient Health Webinar in which digital health experts from S3 Connected Health, Ypsomed, and...

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The Affinial Digital Health Platform – The Role of Dynamic Nudges in Therapy Adherence
September 19, 2023 Sean Gill

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of patient engagement, and involving patients in their health and well-being...

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The Affinial Digital Health Platform – Empowering Personalized Patient Engagement in Digital Health Solutions
September 5, 2023 Sean Gill

Patient engagement is the process of involving patients in their health and well-being journey, taking into account their thoughts,...

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The Affinial Digital Health Platform – Cybersecurity and Keeping Patient Data Safe
August 29, 2023 John Mulcahy

Cybersecurity is an essential consideration for pharma companies creating digital health solutions and connected devices because these...

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The Affinial Digital Health Platform – The Building Blocks of a Digital Health Solution
August 15, 2023 John Mulcahy

Digital health platforms have emerged as powerful tools in facilitating the success of digital health initiatives. They provide pharma...

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Ypsomed partners with S3 Connected Health to expand its digital health offering
June 7, 2023 Lieneke Hodnett

Ypsomed (SIX: YPSN) will expand its offering of digital health solutions together with S3 Connected Health in the future. S3 Connected...

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Digital Health Platforms: Medtech’s route to accelerating innovation
May 19, 2023 Aleksander Kijek

The healthcare landscape is rapidly evolving. The increasing number of devices moving out of traditional hospital settings, new...

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Achieving Innovation Without Compromise: The Affinial Digital Health Platform
February 1, 2023 Aleksander Kijek

Developing digital health solutions represents a significant challenge to pharma and medtech companies: from integrating this emerging...

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How platforms enable pharma to integrate connected medical devices as part of a digital health solution
January 17, 2023 John Mulcahy

For patients taking innovative medicines, engagement and adherence to their treatment regime is key to achieving the desired outcomes....

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How digital health platforms can improve data management and fuel better insights
December 8, 2022 John Mulcahy

Digital health solutions offer the opportunity to capture a broad range of data that can be used to generate valuable insights. These...

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Whitepaper Release: Digital Health that Scales
November 3, 2022 Lieneke Hodnett

How can pharma learn from the successes and failures of past digital health initiatives, and bring impactful solutions to fruition...

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The benefits of using a digital health platform
September 19, 2022 John Mulcahy

Pharma companies considering digital health solutions are faced with several options ranging from building an entirely bespoke...

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