Whitepaper Release: Digital Health that Scales

November 3, 2022 Lieneke Hodnett

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Whitepaper Release: Digital Health that Scales

How can pharma learn from the successes and failures of past digital health initiatives, and bring impactful solutions to fruition reliably and repeatedly?

It’s clear that a fresh approach is needed, one that enables new solutions to be built on the success of others and facilitates scaling across regions and business units.

Adopting a platform approach provides proven infrastructure and provides a flexible foundation on which to build a more stable digital health strategy, one that can be improved without starting afresh with each new initiative.

In our latest whitepaper, experts from S3 Connected Health, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Novartis, Roche, BMS, Nen, and Impatient Health discuss the use of platforms in digital health and share their insights on:

Why pharma companies should use a platform when developing a solution and the benefits of taking this approach
Platforms enable pharma companies to develop digital health solutions that are adaptable and can keep pace not just with technology as it advances, but also with patient expectations. They offer the agility and flexibility to adapt a solution to changes in the environment, as needs shift.
Many platforms have the inbuilt processes to ensure that services evolve incrementally, in-sync with this ever-changing landscape, without impacting the applications built on top.

The different types of digital health platforms
Different kinds of digital health platforms exist, with a range of different qualities, and types of technologies underpinning them. Some offer a layer of data compliance on which to build a solution from scratch. Others go beyond this, also offering customizable pre-built elements that are common to digital health solutions and services. Certain platforms are limited to fixed function solutions, often within a particular therapeutic area.

The criteria that should be used to assess digital health platforms 
Assessing a platform’s strategic suitability requires evaluating it across several dimensions. Along with key areas including its fit with patient and provider needs, scalability, data and device
integration, and regulatory requirements, it’s also necessary to consider how aligned the platform business model is with your own, and how easy it is to evolve solutions over time.  



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