Pharma’s path to market for digital health solutions: navigating the commercial, data, and regulatory challenges

Pharma companies are now investing more in digital health solutions that can deliver value at a clinical, patient, and commercial level. Developing these solutions and successfully bringing them to market requires a clear understanding of the responsibilities, regulatory requirements, and the possible risks.

Whitepaper Preview

With contributors from Admirall, Ferring, Novo Nordisk, Roche, and Pfizer, this whitepaper covers:

  • How to approach legal and regulatory responsibilities
  • Gathering and managing the right type of data
  • Gaining internal support and organizing teams for success
  • Partnership options and commercial strategies
  • Complexity, return, and value across different digital health solutions


It includes insights from pioneers in the field of digital health and explores the challenges they have overcome, the knowledge they have gained, and the approaches they now take as a result.

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