Beyond connectivity: medical devices in healthcare’s future

June 14, 2021 Peter Myler

In the first two episodes of our fireside chat series, we delved into key practical topics around medical devices: the long-term value and short term challenges of connectivity for in-hospital capital equipment, as well as the business case for end-to-end cybersecurity, from the device level all the way through to hospital infrastructure.

What’s clear from these two discussions is that connectivity is now indispensable in healthcare: when designed and used effectively, it has the potential to completely transform how our health systems operate, and improve and personalize the care that patients receive. With such an important role to play, critical medical device infrastructure – and the data it holds – must be adequately protected.  

These themes follow us into the third and final video of the series, where we move beyond the immediate need and value of connectivity, and look into where it will take device companies next, and what companies need to do to get there. 

To answer those questions, our Director of Solutions for Medtech, Bill Betten, speaks with medtech industry veteran and recently retired VP of Corporate Science, Technology, and Innovation at Medtronic, Michael Hill, about the importance of connectivity in this new healthcare environment. Together they explore how better integration and interoperability can break down silos, pave the way to more transparency, efficiency, and collaboration, and what this means for the future of healthcare delivery.

In our third and final episode, Bill and Michael discuss:

  • How value-based-care is impacting manufacturers of in-hospital equipment (01:43)
  • How data can be made computable and accessible to all who need it, while still protecting privacy (2:22)
  • The role device manufacturers need to play, and why standardization is essential (3:16)
  • How we can achieve the same levels of transparency and efficiency in the medical device industry that we see in consumer industries (6:53)
  • What all this means for the future of healthcare delivery and for OEMs (13:34)


WATCH ON-DEMAND Bill and Michael's Device Talks Tuesday webinar on 'Innovation in healthcare - devices, data, and disruption'

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