Remote connectivity for in-hospital capital equipment: the long-term value and short-term challenges

April 12, 2021 Peter Myler

Connectivity is becoming an essential feature for in-hospital equipment, and that’s set to have real-world consequences for how device vendors operate. 

Ultimately, if vendors are to make the most of all the opportunities connected health has to offer – better patient treatment, richer healthcare data, and growing cost efficiencies, among others – they’ll need to look beyond providing standalone devices.

Making these potential benefits a reality requires vendors to create truly holistic solutions built around devices that integrate well with hospital systems and provide a fully comprehensive approach to treatment.

But how do we get there, and what challenges will we face along the way?

To answer those questions, our Director of Medtech Strategy, Piotr Sokolowski, chats with Tom Buckley, Senior Director for Global Capital Equipment Technical Services at Boston Scientific and connected health veteran, about why exactly end-to-end connected health solutions are needed right now, and the challenges and opportunities device vendors are facing as they move towards connectivity.



In our first episode, Piotr and Tom address:

  • Why clinicians need more than just devices, but full-fledged offerings, comprehensive approach to treatment (02:07)
  • Why remote connectivity infrastructure is more vital than ever to keep hospitals operating efficiently, and equipment and systems up and running throughout a crisis (03:48)
  • Where the biggest opportunities for device vendors lie, including troubleshooting, softer upgrades, bundle deals, and training (04:58)
  • The benefits of connectivity across functions within medical device companies – from R&D to technical services, sales and marketing, and finance (06:02)
  • Common connectivity challenges – including mobility, training, and back-end support – and how to address them (11:40)
  • The importance of ensuring those in leadership roles understand the importance of end-to-end connectivity (13:34)
  • And the need to match that understanding at executive level by building a business case for connectivity that drives broad consensus across different teams (16:51)


whitepaper-device-companies-create-end-to-end-connectivity-in-hospital-devicesFor more information on this topic, download our whitepaper:

'How medical device companies can create end-to-end connectivity for in-hospital equipment'