Webinar: Innovation in healthcare - devices, data, and disruption

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Connected medical devices are becoming essential in healthcare, but is the incremental innovation we’ve seen in the past enough, or must medtech now embrace true digital disruption? The short answer is, yes. Medical device companies can lead disruption now or risk being forced in a new direction by others, such as tech giants entering this market.

In this webinar, Bill Betten, Director of Medtech Solutions at S3 Connected Health, and Michael Hill, PhD, recently retired from Medtronic as VP Corporate Science & Technology and Innovation, share their industry experience and discuss how medical device companies can lead disruption by:
  • Enabling more remote, holistic, personalized care from hospital to home through appropriate and timely data collection, analysis, and insights
  • Changing company mindsets to become more than device providers, and adapting internal structures to fuel transformation
  • Championing value-based care for reduced cost, ease of care delivery, and improved outcomes

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