Webinar: Creating Impactful Clinical Software Around your Medical Device

Medical equipment that directly delivers therapy – such as through infusion, transfusion, dialysis, or ventilation – can significantly benefit from clinical software solutions.

While connectivity is now a given for new equipment in hospitals, many vendors still struggle to effectively capture and use data from their devices to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency of clinical procedures, and reduce maintenance. Challenges typically arise beyond the device, where medtech companies have less experience, such as in integration with EHRs, data analytics, SaMD development, cloud-based deployments, and service provisioning.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • WHY the time is right: feedback from healthcare professionals on the clinical environment and supporting technologies.
  • WHAT solutions deliver value: clinical decision support, medication delivery management, and home-based treatment management. Including a real-life digital health example from an industry leader in the clinical space.
  • HOW to be smart about implementation: using lightweight, cloud-based infrastructure that supports clinical settings, integration with EHRs, and the transition of therapies from hospital to home.

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