Regulated Digital Health Solutions: Pharma's Next Success Story

While the pharma industry hasn’t yet fully embraced the potential of digital health solutions, it’s become clear that a strong digital health strategy can play a pivotal role in achieving long-term success.

This presents a dilemma for pharma companies: whether to build, partner, or buy, when it comes to creating and maintaining a digital health solution. 

In this whitepaper, experts from S3 Connected Health, Takeda, Pfizer, and Novartis debate the merits of each option and what they might entail for a pharma company, discussing questions including:

  • Why have digital health solutions failed to deliver on the early promise demonstrated by digital transformation in other parts of the pharma lifecycle?
  • Are there challenges around effective product management, implementation, and adoption of digital health solutions in clinical care?
  • Are expectations around timelines and return on investment realistic, and have they impacted strategies and decisions on whether to build, buy, or partner?

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