Overcoming the adoption challenge: creating a digital solution patients and HCPs will use

April 2, 2020 Peter Myler

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Overcoming the adoption challenge: creating a digital solution patients and HCPs will use

Digital health solutions and digital therapeutics are rapidly becoming a vital component of the pharmaceutical industry’s ability to improve patient outcomes, facilitate more efficient care, and generate real-world evidence. However, adoption of digital health solutions remains one of the biggest challenges facing pharma companies. 

Developing a solution that patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) will use requires creating technology that addresses unmet needs, integrates with clinical care pathways, and has strong user safeguards, particularly in areas such as data privacy. 

In order to create an adoptable digital health solution, identifying the right combination of services and functions that meet the unmet needs of all stakeholders is essential. We call this ideal solution that can be first brought to market, the “core adoptable solution” (CAS).

Unlike the concept of the “minimum viable product” (MVP) – something with “just enough” features to satisfy stakeholders – the CAS is a more nuanced and thoughtful approach to service delivery, better suited to healthcare. The result is a solution that alleviates pain-points, can be brought to market in a timely manner, rapidly scaled, and built upon in future to achieve long-term usage. 

Simply focusing on new technologies and opportunities isn’t enough to improve patient outcomes or encourage widespread adoption of digital health solutions, these solutions often need to demonstrate clinical efficacy.

The key to overcoming the adoption challenge lies in understanding the healthcare context in which these digital solutions will operate: understanding behaviors, motivators, and barriers; identifying the core problems that need addressing; and assessing a variety of options based on the value they could provide to all stakeholders. 

By using this information to create a core adoptable solution, pharma companies can iterate and scale on something that has been measured in the real world, building on initial success and demonstrating a quicker ROI for internal pharma stakeholders.

In his recent article for PharmExec, Matt Norton, our Director of Strategy & Client Solutions, discusses how to create a core adoptable solution including:

  • Understanding the nature of adoption
  • Fully understanding the patient and HCP experience
  • Identifying the behavioral challenges that could impact adoption


Read Matt's full article in PharmExec.


For more information on creating digital health solutions that will be adopted by patients and HCPs, download our whitepaper: Digital Patient Solutions: the secret to delivering and securing adoption.