Digital Therapeutics: pharma’s threat or opportunity

The DTx market is like the early days of the biologics revolution. “We are right at the beginning – it is a whole new therapeutic modality and we have the opportunity to create upwards of 100 products to increase efficacy across a range of disease conditions”. But does it represent and Threat or an Opportunity for Pharma?

Our expert contributors will reveal how the growth of the DTx market will inevitably be linked to the trends driving the consumerization of healthcare, the march of real-world evidence and value-based contracting, acting as growth catalysts for the sector. They will look at how DTx developers are already proving to be among the most nimble and entrepreneurial actors in the health sector. How they will be as comfortable carving out direct relationships with payers and healthcare providers as forming partnerships with pharma. And at how DTx will enable the nimbler pharma players to own, or at least co-own, their relationships with patients.


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