How to engage health care professionals with pharma-sponsored digital health solutions

Health care professionals (HCPs) are often the gatekeepers for patient adoption in digital health; they’re highly selective when considering solutions to prescribe or recommend to patients.

Pharma-sponsored digital health solutions bring specific challenges when engaging HCPs. Pharma companies must understand the role of HCPs when it comes to digital health and engage with them and key opinion leaders (KOLs) at all stages of the development process. This helps to establish trust, ensure solutions are successfully integrated into health care pathways, and reduce the already significant burden on HCPs’ time.

In this whitepaper, experts from S3 Connected Health, Roche, and senior HCPs offer advice on:

  • Types of digital health solutions and how they’re relevant for HCPs
  • Common challenges with pharma-sponsored solutions
  • ‘Around the brand’ and ‘above the brand’ digital health solutions
  • Engaging and understanding the needs of different types of HCP
  • Ensuring solutions address HCPs needs and integrate with clinical practice
  • Accounting for regional differences for successful scaling


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