Webinar: Pharma Sponsored Digital Health Solutions and Digital Therapeutics - Options and Insights for Successful Development and Launch

For pharma companies looking to build digital health solutions or digital therapeutics (DTx), it’s essential to understand the different types of solutions available to them. What option is right for my product? What need will they address? What additional value does each option offer? How best to create and deliver them to market successfully?

In this webinar we share insights on the driving forces behind the different types of digital health solutions and DTx, and provide actionable advice on what to consider when developing these solutions:

  • What are the options and driving forces beyond the different types of Pharma sponsored digital health solutions and digital therapeutics (DTx)?
  • What are the capabilities required to develop these solutions, and should I develop in-house?
  • End-to-end process for successful development and getting my partner strategy right

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