Webinar: Digital Health - a platform to perform

Scale digital health & SaMD projects with smart use of platforms and collaborative software

It’s time for digital health projects to reach their full potential. Today’s tougher investment climate demands a more mature approach to development, one that intelligently capitalizes on the collective learnings and processes so far.

Too often, people reinvent the digital health development process all over again, rebuilding infrastructure elements from scratch. It can be so much better; whether you’re focussing on SaMD, beyond the pill, companion, or standalone, a solid framework that supports smarter commercialization is key.

A good digital health platform approach can get solutions to patients cheaper, quicker, more successfully, and with significantly less risk, while working across multiple therapies, geographies, and teams.

This webinar includes some of the most experienced voices in digital health discussing a platform approach, and how to bring impactful solutions to market.


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