Webinar - Regulated Digital Health Solutions: Pharma’s Next Success Story

Digital is having a big impact across the entire Pharma lifecycle. AI is beginning to make waves and potentially revolutionize drug discovery. Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) and digital endpoints continue to accelerate clinical development. But one area where results have been disappointing is in the use of Digital Health Solutions (DHS) post-market approval and their integration into treatment and condition management, and into standard clinical care.

Yes, there have been challenges, with some unrealistic expectations around timelines and ROI, to product management, market access and adoption by healthcare providers, clinician professionals or patients themselves. But with the lessons learned, it may also point to Pharma’s next success story.

This webinar will share the perspective of industry leaders from Takeda and S3 Connected Health, diving into what success looks like, how a shift in mindset can set the path to successful development and market adoption of DHS, and the importance of building structures to realize the vision.

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