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Connected Health Devices and Services

Effective engagement and support is about improving the patient experience, providing actionable data and insights, and improving healthcare outcomes.

We excel at delivering solutions that meet our clients’ needs, from back-end infrastructure and analytics, to devices, apps, and portals, or patient-centric services and sustainable business models.

Delivering Solutions

End to End Responsibility

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How We Do It

Technology competency matched with service design, clinical expertise and end-to-end delivery

  • Consultancy and design services:
    Deliver mostly complex or cutting-edge solutions
  • System Analysis:
    From requirements analysis and interoperability, to UX/UI capabilities and human factor studies
  • Enterprise and Cloud Solutions:
    Experienced integrator of eTherapy/eService, complex multi-layer and multi-national systems.
  • Embedded Firmware Capabilities:
    Problem investigation with proprietary all levels test environment for embedded devices, Medical Device (class I, II, III) product development
  • Hardware Capabilities:
    End to end product development capabilities, compliant with ISO 13485 standards, regulatory and market approvals such as CE and FCC
  • Mobile Development Capabilities:
    iOS / Android and multiplatform application development, Integration with external services such as Apple push notifications, Twilio, Google
  • Quality Assurance Group:
    Proprietary Automated Test Framework, Independent verification and validation according to relevant standards (ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and IEC 62304)

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) holds the opportunity to connect medical devices to wider array of medical systems. Medical Devices are deployed in complex environments that makes connectivity difficult from a technical, regulatory and clinical care perspective.

S3 Connected Health has the experience and expertise to address these challenges.

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We can help you to measure and improve adherence, generate real-world evidence and gather insights that can drive your brand success.

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