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Connected Medical Devices and Solution

We deliver next-generation Connected Medical Devices, Systems and Solutions that transform healthcare delivery, demonstrates value to providers and improvements in patient outcomes.

How We Do It

1. Analyze

Understand and define what future requirements and services are right for your medical devices.


  • Landscaping Mapping and Analysis of future industry, competitor and comparator challenges, the environments the devices and solutions operate in, and the changes that lay on the horizon
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Value Analysis
  • Solution Ideation, Feasibility Assessment and Prototype Development
  • Solution definition, assessment and GTM strategy

How We Do It

2. End-to-End Co-Creation

By creative collaboration with our multi-disciplinary teams and leading-edge experience we look to inspire and challenge design concepts and turn them into market winning products


  • Full development life-cycle: we take full responsibility for project delivery from business need analysis and early product concept through to regulatory submission and market roll-out
  • Business Requirements Definition, Regulatory Strategy, Prioritization and Road-map Planning
  • Agile Project Planning and Execution
  • Solution Validation and Verification, Preparation for Regulatory Submissions
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How We Do It

3. Operate

We can take full responsibility for submission, management and ongoing support of the devices and solutions we develop.


  • Deep experience: With our proven ISO13485-compliant and efficient Quality Management Systems, we understand the requirements for scalable and secure data management, meeting Medical, Legal and Regulatory requirements
  • Product Launch, Management and Support: Multi-market roll out, management and operation under our ISO 27001 certification
  • Post Market Services: Our team are on-hand to offer post-market services like life-cycle management, product re-purposing or portfolio optimization

Delivering Future Innovation in MedTech

Connectivity in Medical Devices will dramatically change the landscape of healthcare delivery. Connected devices enable wrap-around patient services, real-world data collection and the move towards value-based care models.

  • Innovative Connected Medical Devices: we deliver the next generation of medical technology, with specialisms in wearable, implantable and connected in-hospital devices


  • Data Driven Patient Services: enabled by connected devices that support chronic disease management, optimize therapy deliver, improve diagnosis, power preventative care and population health management


  • Meeting Patient Demands: solutions that address rising patient expectations for a personalized, data driven, consumer level experience

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