What does it do?

The solution supports healthcare professionals with triage, monitoring, and treatment of COVID-19 patients in-hospital.

It is designed to:

solution covid-19 1

Guide non-respiratory clinicians

in the delivery of respiratory care with appropriate data and recommendations to support clinical decisions

solution covid-19 2

Help specialist respiratory clinicians

identify and triage the patients most in need of their attention

solution covid-19 3

Provide senior respiratory team leaders with instant oversight

of the condition and patients in their care, helping them to treat patients and optimize and forecast resource requirements – including staff and equipment

How does it work?

Who can use the Solution?

The web-based clinical support tool is for use by healthcare providers and clinical teams who are managing COVID-19 patients in hospitals.
The support tool is not valid for use with patients under 12.
If you would like to find out more about using the clinical support to for the management of COVID-19 patients in hospital, please contact us via:
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