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S3 Group History

Ireland in the 80’s had an abundance of talented young engineers but few jobs to offer them. Frustrated at seeing plane-loads of young people forced to leave their home for work, Maurice Whelan (Professor of Microelectronics at Trinity College Dublin) decided to do something about this.

Silicon & Software Systems Ltd.

Silicon & Software Systems Ltd. (S3) was created in 1986 with the support of Philips, with whom Professor Whelan had previously worked for 18 years. S3 began designing integrated circuits, CAD tools, and embedded software and quickly established a reputation for technical excellence, customer focus, and superior project management.

In the 90’s, with a growing international customer base, S3 opened offices throughout Ireland and in the US. We opened our first international design office in Poland in 1997, followed by another in Prague in 1998.

Continued growth and a solid reputation for innovation allowed S3 to attract top graduates from universities across Europe. To this day we continue to foster the future talent of the industry through placements and internships.


S3 Group

During the early 00’s we expanded into new industries and developed application-focused units for telecommunications, consumer electronics, wireless systems, and health. In 2006 the management team, supported by ACT Venture Capital, executed an MBO.

After this, the company expanded under the name S3 Group. We began to infuse products into our service offerings and re-organized into three distinct businesses: S3 Semiconductors, S3 TV Technology, and S3 Connected Health.

S3 Group became synonymous with excellence and won multiple awards in these three fields over the years. This success led to S3 TV Technology being acquired by Accenture in 2015 and S3 Semiconductors being acquired by Adesto Technologies Corp in May 2018.

S3 Connected Health

Today, as S3 Connected Health, we focus exclusively on digital health.

After 17 years of delivering award-winning digital therapy management and connected medical solutions, we continue to drive meaningful change in healthcare and improve the lives of patients with chronic conditions.

Learn more about our innovative solutions for medtech and pharma here.

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