Device Talks Webinar: Digital Health Innovation for Medtech

Digital health has become a key aspect of medical device innovation for which Medtech companies have to plan. It starts with adding connectivity to existing medical devices and should extend to a future roadmap where digital health solutions are an integral part of the offering. But, for a Medtech company this can be a challenging path to navigate. That path includes defining the initial concept, and then commercializing a digital health solution that transforms your offering and may potentially disrupt your business model. 

Vocxi Health’s story is especially compelling. It involves transferring innovative Medtech technology from research into a commercial medical device, creating a vision for a product offering in the market, and transitioning beyond an innovative medical device to an innovative digital health solution.

Does this provide a blueprint for other Medtech companies to follow?

Attendees of this webinar will:

  • Explore Vocxi Health's experience from the research stage to scale.
  • Learn to work end-to-end with a digital health partner to realize the vision.
  • Learn to future proof by exploring a platform approach.  

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