Capture patient data and generate real-world evidence

With Affinial as the cloud-based platform connecting all elements of your digital solution, we capture, securely host and centrally manage patient data.

Valuable insights are then generated to help optimize services and devices, demonstrate value to payers and providers, support patients and clinicians, and improve health outcomes.

Affinial Big Graphic_small Affinial collecting patient data and connecting digital health solutions

The Benefits of Affinial

Building your tailored solution on Affinial’s secure foundation allows us to quickly scale your services, reduces the burden on your team and improves your time to market.

Shield graphic - Reduces risk of patient data, ISO27001 certification

Reduces the risks associated
with ongoing management of patient data,

as it’s operated under our ISO 27001 certification

Clock graphic - reduces time to market for digital health solutions

Reduces time and investment
required to show proof of concept

Checklist and lock logo - reduce risk of medical regulation

Reduces the risk of regulatory

Money graphic - supports reimbursement with real world evidence

Supports negotiations on access and reimbursement
with real-world evidence and insights

FDA, EU MDD graphic - legal manufacturer of medical device

Enables your solution to be classified as a medical device
and us to act as the legal manufacturer and operator of the service

Patient-centric graphic - improves patient experience and optimization of service

Enables improved patient experience
and continued optimization of services

Affinial facilitates us taking care of your needs and allows you to focus on improving health outcomes and patients’ lives.

Contact one of our experts to discuss your needs and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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