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Affinial - Patient Engagement and Support Platform

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Affinial is a digital patient engagement and support platform that understands and positively influences how patients engage with their therapy.

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Affinial helps resolve the issues of therapy adherence, engagement, and persistence to improve healthcare outcomes, while generating real-time, real-world evidence and actionable insight on patients’ management of chronic conditions for brand managers and patient support teams.

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Using evidence-based, validated behavior change models and predictive analytics, Affinial personalizes every patient interaction. It provides support specific to each patient’s condition and circumstances – with the right intervention, in the right way at the right time..


How it helps

Affinial is based on evidence, deep experience and insights gained over more than 12 years. It builds on an intimate knowledge of what makes patients tick and how to motivate them to make positive behavioral changes.

Affinial uses dynamic profiling, predictive analytics, and evidence-based, validated behavior models to understand and influence how patients manage their condition. The result is hyper-personalized support, specific to a patient’s own condition and circumstances.

Feel Supported

The Outcome

Patients supported by Affinial feel: In Control, Understood, Safe, and Informed. This increases engagement with their condition and improves patient self-management and adherence at all stages over the course of their therapy.

Features & Benefits

We are focused on delivering meaningful programs with measurable outcomes that not only prove the value of the initiative, but make real and sustained improvements in healthcare.

Behavior Change - Delivering Adherence

Behavior Change - Delivering Adherence

Evidence-based patient behavior change models
Dynamic Profiling – continuous profiling of each person, their regimen, condition and specific circumstances

Real World Data - Generating Evidence

Real World Data - Generating Evidence

Real World Evidence - from on-boarding and engagement, to interventions and adherence

Differentiation – demonstrable evidence on adherence and healthcare outcomes

Personalized Interventions - Providing Insight

Personalized Interventions - Providing Insight

Predictive and Adaptive Analytics - platform utilizes data to predict potential changes in adherence, and adapts based on latest information

Intervention Optimizer - selects reminders and content, all of which are personalized to improve impact on healthcare outcomes

Involving All Stakeholders – Delivering Benefit for All

Involving All Stakeholders – Delivering Benefit for All

Clinical Portal – providing oversight for patients
Engaging patients – hyper-personalized with the right support, in the right way, at the right time
Client portal – providing anonymized real-world evidence for pharmaceutical partners

Regulatory Compliant - Safe and Secure Across Brands and Boarders

Regulatory Compliant - Safe and Secure Across Brands and Boarders

Developed to ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and IEC 62366 standards
Suitable up to FDA Class II Medical Devices, and CE Class II Medical Device
Flexible platform - supports multi-tenant, multiterritory and multi-language



We ensure programs address clinical, patient, and therapy specific needs with the delivery of appropriate content. Our quality, regulatory, localization and operation teams enable swift roll-out across brands and borders in line with pharma regulatory compliance requirements.

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