What does ACORRD do?

ACORRD supports healthcare professionals with triage, monitoring, and treatment of COVID-19 patients in-hospital.

ACORRD is designed to:

acorrd 1

Guide non-respiratory clinicians

in the delivery of respiratory care with appropriate data and recommendations to support clinical decisions

acorrd 2

Help specialist respiratory clinicians

identify and triage the patients most in need of their attention

acorrd 3

Provide senior respiratory team leaders with instant oversight

of the condition and patients in their care, helping them to treat patients and optimize and forecast resource requirements – including staff and equipment

How does ACORRD work?

Who can use ACORRD?

ACORRD is for use by healthcare providers and clinical teams who are managing COVID-19 patients in hospitals.
ACORRD is not valid for use with patients under 12.
If you would like to find out more about using ACORRD, please contact us via:
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