Whitepaper release: How to engage health care professionals with pharma-sponsored digital health solutions

February 1, 2022 Peter Myler

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Whitepaper release: How to engage health care professionals with pharma-sponsored digital health solutions

In digital health, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are often gatekeepers for patient adoption.

HCPs can make or break a solution by either prescribing it or providing a recommendation that cuts through the noisy digital health environment and encourages patients to try and, importantly, stick with digital health solutions.

Moves to create digital formularies of validated digital health applications that are then made available to clinicians will further reinforce the importance of the HCP role as gatekeepers. This creates opportunities for pharma to drive adoption of their digital health solutions by leveraging their established ties to healthcare professionals.

Pharma companies need more than just connections, though. HCPs are highly selective when considering whether to adopt a digital health solution; they only commit after considering a wide range of factors, starting with patient outcomes and receptiveness before assessing whether an offering integrates efficiently with their own work practices and is worth the investment of the office time required for successful implementation.

Whether it’s around-the-brand or above-the-brand, there are specific challenges for pharma-sponsored digital health solutions in engaging HCPs. The focus of any solution is first and foremost on improving patient outcomes but understanding HCPs’ roles in recommending digital health solutions to patients and incorporating them into care delivery to be successful is crucial.

Pharma companies that engage with HCPs and key opinion leaders (KOLs) at all stages of the development process stand to increase their impact on healthcare. Through that engagement, they can ensure solutions are successfully integrated into healthcare pathways and reduce the already significant burden on HCPs’ time. With the right digital health partner to complement their skillset, the result will be an engaging solution for KOLs and HCPs, as well as for patients.

In our latest whitepaper, experts from S3 Connected Health, Roche, and the NHS cover:

  • Types of digital health solutions and how they’re relevant for HCPs

  • Challenges facing pharma-sponsored solutions

  • Around the brand and above the brand solutions?

  • Understanding the needs of and engaging different types of HCPs

  • Tailoring health technology to address HCP needs integrate with clinical practice

  • Accounting for regional differences for successful scaling


Engaging HCPs whitepaper preview

Download the whitepaper now and gain free instant access. Includes a case study of Track SMA, a digital health solution for rare disease.