Advances in tech are enhancing patient support

September 22, 2017 Simona Nucera
Advances in tech are enhancing patient support

Advances in digital technology are changing how people interact with information, with people, with our environment, with the world around us. With it, patients' expectations of care, support services and how they engage with their treatment are changing and are being informed by their experiences in the broader consumer wellness and technology market, from FitBit to Facebook, Nest to Netflix.

The prevalence of digital offers more effective modes of capturing, communicating and delivering information. With 82% of UK adults accessing the internet on a daily basis and 93% of UK adults owning mobile phones, the immediacy and relevance of communication that can be provided to patients has been transformed in the past 10 years. But what does this mean for patient support and does integrating digital into patient support services offer any tangible benefits?

Digitally Enhancing Patient Support

Digital offers many opportunities to enhance more traditional patient support services, the most obvious of which is to transform episodic support to a more continuous, coordinated service that is customizable, convenient and accessible to patients as they go about their daily lives.

But perhaps the greatest opportunity is to transform how patients engage with their treatment. Digital offers the opportunity to elicit and record patients’ beliefs, attitudes and health-related behaviors, to create a richer understanding of their condition and a specific set of circumstances. This enables support that is hyper-personalized to each patient and delivered at a time, in a format and via a channel that is relevant, engaging and fits in with the daily activities. Digital can adapt to their needs in real-time, and ultimately improve their engagement and adherence to their treatment, improving healthcare outcomes.

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Benefits for Pharma

Digital offers additional benefits for pharma. While the cost of developing digital support might be higher, the scale, consistency, and richness of the support delivered is far greater, while the cost of delivery is greatly reduced.

Pharma clients also have the additional benefit of Real World Data, which provides evidence of adherence and efficacy to Payors, while generating insight on patient experience and quality of life measures to enable future improvements to the support services they offer.

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