Top Tips for Frontiers Health Berlin 2019

October 31, 2019 Peter Myler

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Top Tips for Frontiers Health Berlin 2019

Frontiers Health Berlin 2019 is just two weeks away. It’s a conference that never disappoints and we here at S3 Connected Health always have it marked in our calendars. The combo of hands-on learning sessions, inspirational talks and panels, and some interesting venues makes for a great atmosphere. Many events advertise the ‘immersive experience,’ but Frontiers Health Berlin seems to get it right.

We’ve put together our top tips below for attending one of the top digital health events of the year:


Getting there from the airport

Navigating Berlin’s transport system can be a bit tricky for non-German speakers or first-time visitors. To save yourself time we suggest figuring out how you’ll get from the airport to the venue or your hotel in advance.

Frontiers Health Berlin 2019 will be hosted in the impressive Axica Convention Centre in the city center; it’s right by the 18th century Brandenburg Gate, so it’s hard to miss.

By Taxi

The quickest way to get from either airport is by taxi. Expect to pay upwards of €30 euro from Tegel and upwards of €40 euro from Schoenfeld to get to Axica.

By Public transport

There is an express bus from Tegel and an express train from Schoenfeld that will get you into the city center direct and cost €2.70 and €3.30 respectively.

Traffic gets very busy at Tegel, so remember to leave extra time whether you take a taxi or bus.

If you’ll be using public transport a lot during your visit, you can preorder a Berlin WelcomeCard online and get unlimited travel and some discounts on tourist attractions that might come in handy if you have extra time after the conference.


Pick your must-attend sessions

There’s a packed schedule for the three days of the conference, with plenty of choice in talks and panels. Last year, at the previous Funkhaus venue, some sessions were standing room only and it wasn’t unusual to see people sitting on the stairs. Get there early for a good seat!

For most conferences, you could be forgiven for missing the opening talk or keynote. Not here. With a live music performance and light display, Frontiers Health Berlin is different. Do get there in time, do get to your seat, and do immerse yourself; it was one of our highlights from last year.

You might not get to every panel or talk you’d like to, so it’s worth picking a few must-attend sessions that you can’t miss. Here are our top four picks:


Digital Therapeutics and the Future of Health, 10:00 AM- 10:30 AM, Thursday 14 Nov

Panel Moderator: Jessica DaMassa, WTF Health

Panleists: David Benshoof Klein, Click Therapeutics; Raena Sangar, IPSOS; Konstantin Mehl, Kaia Health; Ken Cahil, SilverCloud; Meghan Coder, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

The DTx Alliance has made real strides in bringing the pioneering companies together and progressing awareness of the sector. It will be particularly interesting to see what’s said about medtech’s increased involvement in DTx this year.


Digital transformation of go-to-market for the pharmaceutical industry, 11:00 am - 11:30 am, Thursday 14 Nov

Panel moderator: Paul Tunnah, pharmaphorum

Panelists: Samelli Liikkanen, Orion Corporation; Erik Sundermann, Sanofi; Andres Heeg, Sandoz International GbmH; Francesca Wuttke, Almirall

We’ve all been at too many talks about what ‘could’ be done, instead of what ‘is’ being done. This panel should provide good insight on how pharma has progressed in harnessing the digital solutions that have become available.


Value Based-Care – A chance for digital health solutions to prove higher efficacy than Pharma, 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm, Thursday 14 Nov

Panel: Moderated by Min-Sung Sean Kim, Venture Capitalist

Digital health solutions can capture real-world data to track disease progression, QoL metrics, and improvements to patient outcomes. It will be interesting to hear how pharma are looking to leverage digital solutions with the growing demands of value-based care around expensive pharma therapies.


Keynote – Solving real problems with real technology: looking beyond the hype to what really works, 9:45 am - 10:00 am, Friday 15 Nov

Stefano Bini, Founder and Chair of DOCSF

The title says it all here, Stefano will be looking ‘beyond the hype to what really works.’ Hopefully we’ll hear where ROI is clear and tangible and how pharma is rethinking its approach to digital health.


Plan your meetings

Plan your important meetings well in advance and leave time to network. You’ll no doubt have a list of people you’d like to catch up with and let’s be honest, it’s a great networking opportunity; it’s not surprising there’s a networking breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday, and the official networking reception on Thursday night.

For a quieter meeting, and to get away from the bustle for an hour, why not book a table at one of Berlin’s excellent restaurants for lunch? The conference center is very central, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Use the event hashtag #FH19

You’ll inevitably find yourself on LinkedIn or twitter posting something about Frontiers Health Berlin 2019. When you do be sure to use the event hashtag #FH19. Follow the hashtag to keep up to date with what’s going on at the conference and see things you might have missed.


Take some time to enjoy Berlin

Whether you have a few hours before your flight or you manage to stay an extra day to explore the city, see some of what Berlin has to offer while you’re there.

If you have a couple of hours to spare and don’t want to wander too far, walk from the Brandenburg Gate – just outside the Axica conference center – to the Reichstag Building. It’s Trip Advisor’s top-rated attraction for Berlin, is home to the German parliament, and is just a few minutes away. For a quick and easy snack before your flight grab a German Currywurst – these famous sausages are drenched in a special curry sauce that was “invented” in Berlin.

If you manage to get an entire free day in Berlin, skip the usual boat tour and opt for one of Berlin’s cultural tours on everything from street art, to explorations of the music scene, vintage shopping, underground tunnels, and some of Berlin’s darker history.

To see the Berlin Wall bypass checkpoint Charlie and go to the Bernauer Strasse memorial for a more authentic experience. Don’t fall for the tourist trap of buying ‘a piece of the wall’! Museum Island or the Stasi Museum are also worth a visit if time allows.

With so many great cafés and restaurants, Berlin has any food option you could want. Just avoid eating too near the big tourist spots – a few minutes’ walk in any direction will reward you with much better options.


Book your taxi in advance

Berlin is a busy city. At last year’s conference it was difficult to get a taxi with so many people leaving at the same time. If you’re not getting public transport, it’s a good idea to book your taxi back to the airport in advance. Remember to factor in delays caused by traffic, especially if you’re flying from Tegel.

If you do end up missing your flight, please see the above point ‘Take some time to enjoy Berlin’ and make the most of your unexpected bonus time in Berlin – voted the most fun city in the world in 2014.


S3 Connected Health are proud knowledge partners for Frontiers Health Berlin 2019