10 effective adherence solutions available today

August 1, 2018 Matt Norton

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10 effective adherence solutions available today

Effective Adherence Solutions



Published in PM360 on August 1st 2018

S3 Connected Health’s approach to improving adherence is rooted in behavioral science. Devices, particularly smartphones, generate a wealth of data and the possibility to deliver patient support programs at scale. But that is predicated on an ability to truly personalize adherence support around each patient’s everyday life.

Affinial, S3 Connected Health’s digital patient engagement and support platform, uses dynamic profiling, predictive analytics, and evidence-based behavior models to understand and positively influence how patients manage their condition.

The result is personalized support, specific to a patient’s own condition(s) and circumstances. Patients receive prompts based around their unique daily routines as the cloud-based program learns and understands each patient’s beliefs, attitude, and motivations. It also enables patients to connect with all the stakeholders in the delivery of their care, whether HCPs, peers, or friends and family. Sustained engagement and use is encouraged by delivering value to everyone involved in the care journey.

Affinial builds on S3 Connected Health’s experience of delivering large-scale telehealth patient support programs for clients such as the NHS in the U.K., for patients living with chronic conditions including diabetes, COPD, and stroke. Over the course of the six-year program (2011-2017), more than 5,000 patients were referred to the service, which handled 4.7 million patient interactions.

Through a combination of remote monitoring via a cloud-based online portal, connected devices, and nurse-led interventions, patient adherence to care plans reached 98%, with diabetes patients seeing long-term reductions in their HbA1c levels (long-term gauge of blood glucose control).

The key learning that underpins Affinial is that support has to be holistic. Patients need support that fits into their everyday life and adapts as their needs evolve to encourage sustainable treatment adherence.

Article by Matt Norton, Director of Strategy and Client Solutions, published on PM360 on 1st August, 2018:


Matt Norton

Matt leads the Client Engagement and Marketing team at S3 Connected Health and has over 20 years' experience developing and launching transformative patient and consumer products internationally.
His experience covers connected health, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and telecommunications with Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, and ResMed amongst others.

Connected healthcare solution design starts with addressing real patient needs that generate measurable value and address real business issues. His approach has delivered proven business value and led to many awards including CES Innovation and Red Dot design awards.


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