S3 Connected Health Joins the Digital Therapeutics Alliance

October 16, 2018 William Lyons
Digital Therapeutics Alliance | DTA | S3 Connected Health

16 October 2018

  • Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) boosts Europe presence to advance the adoption of evidence-based digital therapeutics
  •  S3 Connected Health, a DTA member, is working alongside fellow EU-based members to lead efforts to integrate digital therapeutics into European healthcare
  •  DTA engages with patients, providers, payers, and regulators to guide and scale the global digital therapeutics (DTx) industry

As the Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) expands its European membership, S3 Connected Health is the latest company to join the industry body.

The DTA is a global non-profit trade association, which aims to broaden the understanding, adoption, and integration of clinically-validated digital therapeutics in healthcare through education, advocacy, and research.

Launched in October 2017, the DTA is committed to engaging with patients, providers, payors, and regulators to define and develop meaningful resources to guide and scale adoption of digital therapeutics (DTx). It works with industry leaders to aid the introduction of tested and trustworthy digital solutions in healthcare.

The Alliance has now grown its global membership to 20 companies; bringing together wide-ranging expertise from firms engaged in implementing digital therapeutics in drug discovery and clinical pathways.

In the US, the DTA supports the work of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and related efforts to drive regulatory, clinical, organizational, and financial integration of digital therapeutics into mainstream healthcare. The expansion of its European presence will enable the Alliance to progress parallel efforts across the diverse and varied European healthcare ecosystem.


S3 Connected Health’s expertise in developing and delivering digital therapeutics and digital health solutions will help the DTA advance key aspects of the DTx industry.

S3 Connected Health have successful pioneered clinically-validated telehealth solutions in the UK and Italy over the past decade and have invested heavily in the Affinial platform. As the foundation on which custom mobile applications, portals and more are built, Affinial is at the heart of S3 Connected Health's digital solutions and digital therapeutics. Using behavioral science techniques and user data, individualized support is delivered to help patients to manage their therapy and remain adherent to medications across multiple conditions.  

S3 Connected Health will bolster DTA’s presence in Europe and provide a platform for increased understanding of the regulatory, legal, and reimbursement pathways on behalf of digital therapeutics firms within institutions including the European Medicines Agency.

Megan Coder, DTA Executive Director, said:

“DTA members are dedicated to advancing novel digital therapeutics aimed at transforming patient clinical outcomes and adding value to patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and payors. Convening thought leaders from our growing membership and industry partners allows DTA to receive critical input from a wide array of stakeholders in order to establish a strong foundation for this robust and rapidly growing industry.”

Jim O’Donoghue, President, S3 Connected Health, said:

“S3 Connected Health’s expertise in developing and delivering digital therapeutics and digital health solutions will help the DTA advance key aspects of the DTx industry.

“Digital therapeutics offer huge potential to dramatically improve patient healthcare outcomes, and we must ensure that this opportunity is realized by engaging with industry stakeholders for effective adoption and integration of DTx in mainstream healthcare, clinical and reimbursement pathways.

“This will enable DTx companies to provide solutions that are able to understand the patient context and provide the right treatment for them — in a way that can be personalized, relevant, and context-aware.”

Digital Therapeutics Alliance

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) is a global non-profit trade association with the mission of broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration of clinically-validated digital therapeutics into healthcare through education, advocacy, and research. To learn more please visit:  


S3 Connected Health partner with pharma to create digital health solutions that improve the lives of people with chronic conditions.

They specialize in cloud-based digital therapeutics, digital therapy management, and patient engagement solutions that provide real-world evidence to support access,reimbursement, and value-based care.

Using experience mapping and behavioral science techniques to fully understand the needs of patients, clinicians, payors, and providers, they create custom solutions that improve outcomes.

For over 18 years’, in over 50 countries, across 20 therapy areas S3 Connected Health have delivered award-winning solutions that are scalable, secure, and regulatory compliant.

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