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The Next Generation PSP – eyeforpharma Webinar

Traditional Patient Support Programs – with their focus on branded medicines, interactions at pre-determined points and only a basic grasp of technology (such as the use of non-personalized, interruption-based reminders) – are, frankly, struggling to meet patients’ true needs.

And they’re simply not good enough anymore.

Jim O’Donoghue, President of, S3 Connected Health will join a panel of experts from Novartis, UCB and Shire to discuss how to bring the next generation of PSPs to us more quickly.

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Make sure you too are part of the conversation where we:

  • Discuss how to integrate patient input systematically into program development, so that we avoid designing from the medicine’s point of view.
  • Review the efforts to incorporate patient experience into value decisions and establish what works
  • Talk about whether you should own your PSP at all – or if the responsibility should lie with the health system, with technology companies or with a consortium of pharma companies working in tandem.

Join us on 30th August and don’t worry if you can’t attend live, we will send you the recordings anyway if you register.


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