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Clinically Validated DTx

Translating, Applying & Commercializing Evidence-Based Digital Therapeutics to Improve Clinical & Patient Outcomes.

Digital Therapeutics are offering a novel and effective way of preventing and treating some of the world’s most medically unmet and chronic disease conditions. The Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit 2018 is a dedicated scientific and networking forum for pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare pioneers to capitalize on this emerging therapeutic class.

Focusing exclusively on evidence-driven and validated digital therapeutics, either standalone or in addition to current therapy, the Clinically Validated Digital Therapeutics Summit 2018 is the end-to-end guide to translating, applying and delivering truly patient-centric and clinically meaningful digital therapeutics.


Jim O’Donoghue, President of S3 Connected Health, will be contributing as a panelist in the session ” Navigating the Regulatory Pathway for Digital Therapeutic Approval”

When:  2:30 PM, Monday, 3rd December

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