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The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) holds the opportunity to connect medical devices to a wider array of medical systems, enabling a greater range of services in device management, care and service delivery, and new services around patient support and condition management.

S3 Connected Health has the experience and expertise to define, develop and deploy solutions in IoMT that meet our clients’ needs and realize new services and sustainable business models.

What we Do

Addressing the Challenges of IoMT

Medical Devices are deployed in complex environments that makes connectivity difficult from a technical, regulatory and clinical care perspective.

We use low -frequency communication protocols to allow excellent propagation of a signal within hospitals. This reduces the number and cost of hospital routers and allows devices to broadcast from areas previously thought to be inaccessible to radio.


Service Design and Development

We design services that will work with the growing range of connected IoMT devices,  enabling its operation within the clinical workflow and allowing health care professionals to access device telemetry data. From the design of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) to the development of embedded firmware, all built to ISO13485 QMS requirements.

Our end-to-end delivery includes the development of software that enables the processing of the data to support supply chain and telemetry applications. Customers are empowered to drive costs out of their supply chain, improve the use of their device in a clinical context and develop new services to improve their offering to customers and patients.

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