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Engage and support patients through digitally-enabled behavior change


S3 Connected Health provides hyper-personalized, digitally-enabled behavior change and support programs that improve patient engagement and healthcare outcomes.

What We Do

Digital Patient-Centered Support Services

Digitally supported patients are more engaged, more compliant with treatment and have better outcomes.

icon Pharma-Led Patient Engagement and Support Programs
icon Therapy and Medication Adherence Programs
icon Chronic Disease Management
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How We Do It

Patient Engagement and Support Platform

Enabling patient self-management, Affinial uses evidence based behavior change models and predictive analytics to provide patients with support specific to their condition and circumstances, with the right intervention, in the right way at the right time.

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We call it ‘hyper-personalization’. Our solutions use realtime data, analytics and evidence-based behavior change models to improve each individual patient’s engagement, adherence and persistence to therapeutic interventions.

Who We Are

Focused on improving healthcare outcomes

Our experience and expertise inform the design and operation of programs that engage patients and are regulatory compliant. We deliver solutions that address behavior change requirements, satisfy unmet patient needs and achieve your business goals.

About Us

We have delivered programs over...

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We can help you to measure and improve adherence, generate real-world evidence and gather insights that can drive your brand success.

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